Welcome to the living space of the future #P365d



Welcome to the living space of the future
Welcome to the country of possibilities

For 365 days, Swisscom is providing 3 university graduates 1 room in a shared apartment and a workspace. For 4 days a week, they will work on ICT projects in the Swisscom Innovation Department, spending day 5 designing their living space. They can let their imagination run free.

You can find out what goes on in Switzerland’s most innovative flat here in our blog.


Let’s introduce them:

George // George Zerveas


Specialist subject (professionally): Cognitive computing, numerical modelling, telecommunications

Age: 27

Hobbies: Table tennis, Resistance training

Degree subject: Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Favourite colour: Used to like infrared, now prefer ultraviolet

Favourite software: Eclipse. Helps anyone write their own :)

What I do at midnight: Almost invariably surf the web! At weekends you can find me drinking a beer or roaming the streets with friends.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece//Have played (more than) my fair share of PC games//I’ve enjoyed learning how to play the violin (perhaps more than those having to listen)//Always interested in how things around me, natural or technical, work//Studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens//Diploma thesis on optical telecommunications//Moved on to a Master’s in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich//Master thesis and post-graduate work on numerical modelling of nanoscaled transistors//I enjoy learning things that interest me within a broad range of topics by watching documentaries, reading articles and following online courses//I passionately watch movies and series, or indulge in classic literature when I am in a particularly “cultural” mood :)


Abi // Abiraam Varathan


Specialist subject (professionally): Communication, Computer Engineering

Age: 27

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Travelling, Basketball

Degree subject: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite software: I prefer Software that is intuitive to use, but I don’t have a favourite.

What I do at midnight: I usually watch a TV series or read a book in bed, although I should probably be asleep.

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Thun//As a kid I wanted to become a garbage collector, because I liked the way the garbage truck worked – I was completely fascinated//Later I discovered that electronic devices consisted of smaller components and started to dismantle and to explore them//During time in school I developed a fondness for mathematics//After grammar school I started my studies in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich and eventually graduated//In the course of my industrial placement I decided to pursue an industrial career then an academic one//I started with photography during my studies as a good balance and often combine it with hiking or travelling//I regularly have personal projects


Oli // Oliver Zähner


Specialist subject (professionally): Business Administration

Age: 27

Hobbies: Cooking, Hiking, Swimming

Degree subject: Business Innovation & Business Education

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite software: InDesign

What I do at midnight: I am an early riser and really need my sleep :)

Wanted to become a high school teacher//Decided to study Business Administration & Business Education @ University of St.Gallen//Part-time job at scil – swiss centre for innovations in learning//More interested in new technologies, innovations & new business models//Master in Business Innovation//Master’s thesis in collaboration with a start-up about a smart light bulb//Grew up in a large house with two sisters, two stepbrothers and a stepsister//During my semester breaks I cooked at eleven holiday camps for up to 60 kids


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