Rapid Solution Hub – Where great ideas are delivered quickly

Imagine you had a great idea how you can improve the efficiency of your department, improve the quality of customer service or how your team performs. How would you proceed to make your idea heard?

Imagine you had a great idea like how you can improve the efficiency of your department, improve the quality of customer service or how your team performs. How would you proceed with making your idea heard? Telling your manager is a good start. But what if your manager does not like the idea? Maybe you happen to know the right person who can make things happen? For example you run into the CEO at the checkout line of the office restaurant and you had 1 minute to pitch your idea. Would you have the guts to talk to him about your amazing idea? I would be a little nervous.

Understanding the organization and team structures of a corporation with 15.000 employees takes time. Swisscom has put a whole set of methods and teams in place to make it easy for all employees to talk about their ideas. My name is Oliver and I am part of a team called Rapid Solution Hub.

We don’t only talk about ideas. We make them happen.

The Rapid Solution Hub is one piece to the Swisscom puzzle called “Improve”. It is our job to provide solutions to problems within 3 to 6 months. We are involved in simple adjustments of SMS, email and letter texts that help reduce the call volume from customers due to less misunderstandings, clearer communication and brevity. We coordinate process adjustments over different departments to reduce internal transfer and consulting calls. We build new services to fill a service gap. And we are also involved in complex adjustments of IT and work processes where we manage the parties involved to achieve great solutions in a short time. Sometimes we even identify the needs to train our staff as an issue is not handled the way it should be.

The team is put together with specialists from every branch of the Swisscom residential business. There is at least one representative for Customer Service, Fulfillment, Finance, IT, Technical Support, Marketing and so on. All of the team members only work part-time in this team. This means we work 20% to 60% of the time in the team and the rest of the time we work in our regular fields of work within Swisscom residential business. The great idea behind this is that we can exchange ideas quickly, get the insight of every business unit and have a huge network that can be involved in the solution of any problem. It is also helpful that our team has the money required to pay for changes. But money doesn’t solve everything. 😉

The Rapid Solution Hub team gets ideas from the employees. But we are also putting a lot of efforts into developing our own ideas. Using these two sources of ideas has been keeping the team busy ever since it has been founded about four years ago saving Swisscom many hundred thousands of hours of workload.

Improving Swisscom

Rapid Solution Hub is only one part of the overall Swisscom Improve organization. I am also responsible for the Improve initiative in our department – Credit, Collection and Invoice. In my next post I will write about what we do so our employees can present their great ideas to the right people.