No milk this morning, or the power of Apps

No milk for my coffee this morning. I forgot to buy it. Would Google Glass have reminded me?

No milk for my coffee this morning. I passed the store yesterday, and my phone didn’t remind me. I made a mental note yesterday morning, and I still forgot after a hard day’s work. Sometimes, I even enter tasks into some cloud-based app of my phone (such as – of course – Remember the Milk ).  But my phone still doesn’t remind me when I pass in front of the store where I usually buy such things.

Will it be better with Google Glass – always in sight and ready to assist? Certainly, if you believe the initial video:

However, in recent, more realistic promotions…

… it looks more like a shared-view, always-ready camera, with web browser and some navigation. Not a small feat, but will it help me to remember the milk?

Most ingredients are there:

  • The Glass or the phone are carried around, so they know my location
  • They have a map, and know the nearby stores
  • They know where I usually shop, because I walk into these stores. They might occasionally advertise other stores, with current promotions.
  • With my favorite retailer’s loyalty program, I have access to my purchase history over the web. So it should be easy to figure out that I didn’t buy milk for a few days, and I was in town, and so must have consumed coffee (unless my habits have changed).

So a smart app could one day remind me. The gadgets will be available. They will be useful because they aren’t just yet another camera to take photos. They will be useful because they act as my assistant, helping my memory, based on the sensors they have, and a big pool of data.  Smart people will provide smart apps to these kind of things.

They will access data from a provider I trust (mostly likely one subject to the laws of the country I live in – think Swisscom!). I want to control the data they can access, and I might look forward to an ad every now and then, especially if they promote milk at a good price.

So the gadgets are awseome, but the real power comes from the apps, created by smart and imaginative people, and the data I make available to them.

For another perspective, from an investor’s point of view, read Google Now, Not Google Glass, Is A Game-Changer.

Now, what would you like Google Glass to do for you? Leave your comments here.  And if you see me next in a store, please remind me to buy some shoe polish.