Come and join the new Security and Intelligence Team at Swisscom Group Strategy and Innovation

Have you ever dreamed of shaping the future of a big company? I mean not just in theory by being a cog in a machinery but to be the driver of the system? Well this is what we do at the Swisscom Group Strategy and Innovation department. We are a small unit of less than 100 people from a lot of different countries that picks up new ideas and turns them into a reality. Part of it is the Security and Intelligence product unit, where we work on new ideas in the area of security and data traffic analysis. The range of topics is pretty broad. We see a lot of different ideas and approaches and learn something new every day. Of course this is also a challenge since it is not easy to keep up-to-date with every development. However it is a nice challenge!

Now why would you want to join the security team of that product unit? Well we work on security topics ranging from consumer side over the network up to server systems:

  • Maybe you are not aware what happens on your smart phone, but believe us, there happens a lot. And not everything is beneficial for you. We think about to help you to understand what goes on on your mobile devices
  • You surely heard the word  cloud before. Have you ever thought where your data is really stored? Where is this “cloud”? We want to help you to make sure your data will still belong to you
  • In order to make all those things work, you need a network inbetween. We want that to be secure as well.

The security team is nothing for you? Well maybe it is that data traffic analysis team then

  • We love digging into huge data sets while still preserving privacy and we know how to make them speak to us using newest data technologies, data science, and real time data analytics
  • We design, develop and bring to operations next generation of innovative data products
  • We deliver unique insights that support strategic decisions, product design and Swisscom operations

Would you like to work for a startup, but with all the benefits of corporate world? Than this unit is THE place for you! Are you up for the challenge?

No matter which team you choose: you will join a young and diverse team that does shape the future of Swisscom. Take that as a promise 🙂