The Hackathon – 24 hours designing, building and testing

On the lookout for exciting topics I got aware of Hackathon, one of the biggest events for aspiring entrepreneurs and student hackers. The idea of designing, building and testing through the night for 24 hours excited me right away. The only pity is, that I have no idea about hacking, but I would not like to withhold this event from you.

The Hackathon is organized by the Entrepreneur Club in cooperation with Swisscom and six Zurich-born startups. The Entrepreneur Club is a student initiative at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students.

Hackathon 2

The aim of the Hackathon is to create applications to solve software problems and challenges in 24 hours. It imposes no constraints on either the programs built or the tools used. The event concludes with participants pitching their product to a professional jury of developers, UX designers and venture capitalists, which includes Mark Schmitz (Lakestar) and Penny Schiffer (Swisscom). The best projects, judged according to technical, design and business criteria, are awarded prizes such as Apple iPads and Swisscom vouchers.

Hackathon 3

In addition to Swisscom, providing the venue for the event and prizes, corporate sponsors include Intel, contributing catering and state of the art computing machines, as well as Evernote, sponsoring prizes. True to its mission of fostering entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur Club is proud to welcome six startups, that bring their founding experience to mentor participants as well as sponsoring catering. Participating startups include Teralytics, with services related to big data and machine learning, Beekeeper, offering services in customer engagement, and Electric Feel, a smart mobility company.

The Hackthon will take place at the Swisscom Business Park in Zurich on Friday 25th October 2013 from 6pm onwards. Registration to the event is free  (including food and drinks) and accessible online. Deadline is the 20th october 2013.

In the hope that you are also enthusiastic about this event, I invite you to sign up right now: