Open Source – A Journey in our Swisscom Cloud

I’m working on the Platform as a Service solution of Swisscom and we’re involved in contributing as well as using Open Source Software day by day to build up the Cloud for Switzerland.

The Open Source movement is no longer simply a way of contributing ideas to a Community. Instead, companies who tend to be competitors on the market are now increasingly cooperating on joint developments in order to achieve the effect of scale and a basic standardisation on the market. Customers are also no longer satisfied with heterogeneous interfaces and closed-partner ecosystems. Today’s customers require open standards for a broad, open-partner ecosystem which has the potential to grow and where customers are even able to contribute themselves. It is becoming increasingly apparent that open code represents insight and trust in the solution, especially when talking to experts in the field.

Open Source Virtualisation – OpenStack

In the cloud industry, there are currently many areas where disruptive innovation evolves quickly and where early adopters need to work together on establishing standards rather than solving the same problem in many different ways. The best example of this is OpenStack. Whereas OpenStack was just one of many new hypervisor orchestrators (such as CloudStack and others) a few years ago, it now stands alone as the de facto standard. Even more classic hypervisor orchestrators like VMWare are working on providing standardised OpenStack Interfaces in their products. The Apache Software Foundation and the movement associated with the Apache License is obviously a very important underlying precondition for this development and enables legally compliant contributions for all.

Open Source Platform as a Service – CloudFoundry

When looking at newer Open Source developments such as Platform as a Service (PaaS) or container orchestration, even more activities and an earlier commitment to Open Source become apparent. CloudFoundry is just one of the rising stars in the Open Source field. 34 major, well-known partners have already joined the CloudFoundry Foundation, where companies are able to contribute to the codebase and concepts while also helping to prioritise the ongoing roadmap of the CloudFoundry Open Source solution.

Open Source@Swisscom

While we admit that our current GitHub profile is sparsely filled at the moment, first impressions are misleading. Swisscom is a proud member of the CloudFoundry Foundation and is working closely with all members on the further direction of CloudFoundry. This is just one small commitment to Open Source – a lot of our partners are also contributing to it, as are our internal Developers as part of various projects. The use of open-source components is becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday operations and puts us in a position where we can also give something back to the open-source Community.

Join our journey

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us on our journey – we are always looking for new talent to help us expand the Cloud in Switzerland.