5 questions for Gregory Grin regarding the vacant Smart Home Product Manager position

Dear Gregory, 

You recently began advertising for a Product Manager Smart Home. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

Smart home vertical is tagged as one of the next growth drivers in the technology industry. There are multiple names associated with it – Connected Home, Consumer IoT, Smart Home etc. We are looking for a passionate hands-on Product Manager excited about this field. We need an individual who understands the overall complexities of bringing a Smart Home solution to market and has a strong technical and business background.

In particular, this position will be responsible for Product Management focused on home automation and security.

Our little Smart Living Lab and demo corner

Our little Smart Living Lab and demo corner

Why would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

We are a small team of committed individuals who like to solve challenging problems. We’re really into building new customer experiences, and enjoy playing with sensors and everything you need to start experiencing a safer, smarter home. We believe in learning and delivering products and services together, we’re not afraid of new tools or new techniques. We like a simple product development process and enjoy creating visible results rapidly.

Please describe your team in five words.

Passionate, reliable, diverse, genuine, fun

One of our project boards

One of our project boards

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the Smart Home team?

We are looking for an experienced product manager who

  • is a team player
  • is grounded and hands-on
  • is capable to execute rapidly and efficiently in a constantly growing and changing environment
  • puts the customer at the center of his activities

And finally, here comes the ultimate question; what sort of boss are you?

I consider myself as part of the team. I enjoy teamwork and achieving things in teams. I love the part of my role that consists of building teams and developing people inside teams.

I’m good at playing the role of goalkeeper and motivator. I love to spend more time working with people than computing numbers on a dashboard. I believe that the most powerful results come like that. I have sympathy for numbers but I freaking love people. I know that a good team makes the difference and I patiently build it.

Thanks Gregory!

This vacancy is not active anymore. For more open positions, visit our Job Portal.