5 questions for Stephan Massalt regarding the vacant Software Developer Cloud Infrastructure position

Dear Stephan, you recently began advertising for a Software Developer Cloud Infrastructure. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

This job is positioned in one of the fastest challenging technology areas in Swisscom. What we develop today might be outdated tomorrow, so you need to be smart and agile to adapt. Therefore it offers the opportunity to constantly learn and improve your skills. I am looking for people that are capable to deal with this kind of dynamics in their professional environment.

Why would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

The Cloud@Swisscom is one of the strategic initiatives enabling Swisscom to be fit for the future. It has impact on the offerings to our residential and business customers, and changes the internal IT landscape. It is also an environment everybody has an opinion on, but only few are able to turn that into results 😉 . In this job you will be able to contribute to the future success of Swisscom.

Please describe your team in five words.

Innovative – Result driven – International – Leading – Team spirit

Team event on 28 January, 2015

Team event on 28 January, 2015

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the team?
The team has a very diverse character, people with different backgrounds, nationalities and skills are working closely together. This enables us to be a team that tackles a variety of topics and that comes up with creative solutions. The ideal candidate has a good skill set and common sense. I am especially interested in people that are able to break down a complex problem into smaller fragments and implement software solutions for those parts. In short – pragmatic people with a solution oriented mindset.


Office in Berne

And finally, here comes the ultimate question; what sort of boss are you?
As a manager I like to give a lot of freedom and responsibility to my team members and do expect results in return. Whenever possible I like to challenge people to develop themselves as a professional and a person. And as I am Dutch, I can be pretty direct. 🙂

Thanks Stefan!

This vacancy is not active anymore. For more open positions, visit our Job Portal.