Sharing is Caring – about Cloud Foundry, Community and Meetups

I am working on Swisscom’s Platform-as-a-Service solution where we are dealing with open source software and am in touch daily with the Cloud Community while we build the Cloud for Switzerland. I usually prefer the 140 characters Twitter style limitation, but let’s give this blog-thing a try. 😉   

The Cloud Community in Switzerland has been growing significantly during the last couple of years and all indications show that this growth is set to continue.  A highly dynamic environment, everyone in this community  has the opportunity to attend, learn, share and gain knowledge from each other. Development based on the sharing and collaborative improvement of software source code has a history as old as software development itself. An excellent  example of this are the various open projects of the Linux Foundation like OPNFV or Cloud Foundry. These projects would not have been able to reach the level of complexity and sophistication witnessed  today without the open source community. However, it is not just about open source code. The definition of open standards and architectural concepts play another crucial role. These constructs help us to invest in projects and products which are aligned with the industry standards to help assure that they are not lost before ever used in production. 

Let’s get in touch
With the founding of the Cloud Foundry user group focused on our DACH region, we want to share insights in various technologies and concepts regarding cloud development and deployment. Anyone can learn or bring inputs into the open discussion. The idea is for people to meet in an open round, which shows us, that we are smarter, stronger and (often) faster together. Grow your knowledge with inputs from others and with opinions from people with various backgrounds so that you can finally turn your Sunday afternoon project into a mature product.  


January 2015, 4rd Meetup about Cloud Foundry and Docker


Looking forward to see you at our next CF Meetup, this time in Berne!