Learn more about Agile Testing

It’s been some years since 2009 when Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory published the often-cited book Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams. Also lots of other practices and experiences have been published so far. Still, some testers and agile teams have difficulties while working in the agile environment.

Besides, reading literature and taking courses is one thing, but using the knowledge and exchanging it while also excelling in your skills is something different. That is when your peer groups and communities can help. You can’t beat the possibility to exchange live with your colleagues.

To learn and network were my primary goals when I organized the first agile testing meetup almost a year ago. In the meantime, a group of  testing enthusiasts met at different locations in Zurich to discuss topics like test automation, manual and exploratory testing, soft skills for testers, different hats a tester can wear, etc. The official part is always followed by a bar visit afterwards 🙂 where we continue our discussions in a more relaxed setup.

February 2015, 9th Meetup about Agile Engineering Practices and Selenium

February 2015, 9th Meetup about Agile Engineering Practices and Selenium with Michael Palotas

You may be a tester, a developer or have another role in an agile team, as long as you are passionate about software quality and testing we will be very happy to meet and greet you at our next Agile Testing Meetup on Tuesday, May 26 in Zurich.