5 questions for Carolin Latze regarding the vacant Security Engineer Cryptography position

You recently began advertising for a Security Engineer Cryptography. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

You can drive things here. You come up with the ideas, you implement them, discuss them with customers and finally launch them.

Why would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

Because we are a small but powerful unit. We have everything in our hands. As said before, we develop new ideas and products and see all the aspects of product development. Although Swisscom is a big company we are working more like a startup here.

Jedes Team bei INI-INO verfügt über einen eigenen Teamarbeitsraum.

One of the team rooms at the innovation department.

Please describe your team in five words.

International. Flexible. Creative. Just great! 


Caro with team member Vadim in San Francisco at the RSA Conference in April 2015.

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the team?

Well same mindset (flexible, creative, just great). Plus a crypto background which we lack a bit so far.

ittigen atrium

Atrium in Ittigen

And finally, here comes the ultimate question; what sort of boss are you?

You will have to ask my team to learn the real truth here 🙂 What I want to be: pragmatic, open, give you all the freedom you need to deliver best results, support you also in your personal development. But then also challenging, always requesting the maximum to deliver the best products.

Thanks Caro!

This vacancy is not active anymore. For more open positions, visit our Job Portal.