Finalists of the Swisscom Innovation Award 2015

A few months have passed since we called on students and graduates to register for the Swisscom Innovation Award 2015 with their theses. During these months we have received numerous exciting projects that actually would have all deserved an award. The students were mostly encouraged by their professors to submit their paper, because they were convinced of their innovative content and their feasibility. And that means something.

A bit more than a week ago the jury, made up of two persons each from ICTswitzerland, the Swiss Informatics Society and Swisscom, decided on the three best papers. All three finalists are studying at universities in Western Switzerland. I wanted to know a bit more about the three young men. Et voilà, here they are:

FragniereJeromePicture1Name: Jérôme Fragnière /// Age: 24

In 3 words: Friendly, Sporty, Persistent

University: Haute Ecole d’ingenierie et d’architecture de Fribourg – HEIA-FR

Major: Telecommunications

Title: Virtual CPE and SDN for Network Operator

Thesis in 3 sentences: The current desire of network operators is to virtualize the CPE functions and move them in the data center. Two new concepts, SDN and NFV, make it possible to introduce this kind of architecture with greater ease. By deploying these technologies, operators will enjoy many benefits, like scalability and cost reductions, while customers will see new Services deployed more quickly.

Favourite Software: Open vSwitch /// Hardware: Raspberry Pi

Favourite Food: Beef /// Place: Beach

If I was king of the world, the first thing I would do is… Ensure a more balanced distribution of wealth in the world.

As you can see, Jérôme is in Perth, Australia at the Moment. I guess his answers are slightly influenced by that 🙂



Name: Blaise Carron /// Age: 26

In 3 words: Passionate, Logical, Efficient

University: Université de Genève

Major: Computer Science

Title: Crowd Enabled Framework for Smart Environment

Thesis in 3 sentences: The aim of our project is to augment an Internet of Things framework with Mobile Crowdsensing capabilities by combining data from a static wireless sensor network available in a smart office area with mobile resources provided by a crowd of smartphones in order to interact with the environment using connected objects. This augmentation enhances the sensory capabilities of the system and therefore enables smarter environmental controls, thanks to a higher awareness of the state of the real world. Our goal with this framework is to achieve better energy efficiency in various structures such as houses, schools, hospitals or offices while improving the quality of life of their occupants and increasing the environmental awareness of the people.
[Please note it’s really 3 sentences :-)]

Favourite Software: Eclipse /// Hardware: My PC Tower

Favourite Food: Pizza /// Place: Home

If I was king of the world, the first thing I would do is… sit on the Iron Throne!


Photo_ZongrenLiuName: Zongren Liu /// Age: 25

In 3 words: Proactive, Reliable, Enthusiastic

University: École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL

Major: Computer Science

Title: Analysis of Security Primitives In Public Clouds

Thesis in 3 sentences: Proofs of Retrievability (POR) are cryptographic proofs that enable a cloud provider to prove that a user can retrieve his file in its entirety. Outsourced Proofs of Retrievability (OPOR) improves the idea by allowing users task an external auditor to perform and verify POR with the cloud provider. The prototype evaluation shows in realistic cloud settings, OPOR minimizes user effort and overhead on the auditor to ensure user’s cloud data security and privacy.

Favourite Software: OS X /// Hardware: Macbook

Favourite Food: Raclette /// Place: Switzerland

If I was king of the world, the first thing I would do is… First idea would be to make a peaceful world. However, a good cause may not end in good way in such scenario. Probably retirement is the right thing to do?

By the way, Zongren knows that the (Swiss) jury will not evaluate his project by looking at his answers. But as he pointed out, his favourite dish really is Raclette! As from Valais, I agree and understand completely 🙂

Aren’t our candidates nice? Starting next week things will get tough for the three, however. On Thursday, 5 November 2015, they will pitch their papers to the jury and the public and will have to answer critical questions. Who will win the race for the 10,000 francs? Which paper will receive the award as the most innovative? Anyone wishing to experience it live when the three compete against each other can register with me to participate for free:

We’re really looking forward to it!