Swisscom launched PaaS rocket at HackZurich

A new PaaS rocket based on Cloud foundry is now available for developers

40 hours, 500 developers and 7 challenges – this was the formula of success at this year’s HackZurich, Europe’s biggest hackathon from October 2nd until October 4th. For Swisscom October 2nd also was a big day. Not only were we present at the HackZurich but we launched our new Application Cloud, a container based Platform-as-a-Service offering based on Cloud Foundry.

With the Swisscom Application Cloud public we offer a PaaS with standardized database andgruppenfoto messaging services allowing developers to deploy their cloud native apps in no time on an open-source environment. MongoDB (noSQL), MariaDB (SQL), RabbitMQ (AMQP messaging) and an object storage based on a S3 interface are the services you can get on our cloud. Try  the platform for free with our welcome offer. Consumption up to 100 CHF will be covered by Swisscom in the first 3 monthly bills:

The launch was a great success so far: more than ten teams used our PaaS right away at the HackZurich and within the first two days the magic numbers are these: 62 apps are already up and running. And our new twitter channel @Swisscom_Dev went from 0 to 140+ followers.

We had more than 500 developers and Cloud fans at our booth, as we not only provided a free cloud account during the hack but also amazing personalized pillows to dream well in hacking breaks.


Here a short wrap-up of the winner projects at the HackZurich:

The challenges at HackZurich and the winning teams

# 1 Digital cows? IOT and the Industry 4.0 Emmi, Samsung and SAP offered a real-life challenge of running a modern dairy production: The scenario was within the milk and yoghurt domain of Emmi. The winner is: Team Smart factories: reduced downtime for maintenance in factories based on SAP Hana.

# 2 Microsoft Azure Create your own Cloud IOT service – that was the challenge Microsoft gave the hackers. The teams were provided with various devices and weather shields sensors providing barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature, and other valuable data. The winner is: Crowdreport: free speech on internet like speakerscorner in Hydepark.

# 3 SDN at its best Cisco asked participants to transform mobility and complex networks into game changing knowledge and power using next gen platforms and tools from Cisco. The winner is: Getuppa: personalized wakeup call without data connection!

# 4 M&A prediction machine Who will by whom at what price? Serial acquirers will love it: the challenge from EY and IBM to program a software/tool/application for the dynamic visualization of M&A relevant information on time series of financial data for a pool of about 500 companies. The winner is: Eychall: analyse, visualise and understand big, really big, data.

# 5 New Property App Homegate and Tamedia asked hackers to come up with a cool new app or website for the millions of property searchers in Switzerland. The winner is: Team Homecraft: combines Minecraft & Homegate and makes looking for apartments fun.

# 6 Kiosk of the future Be it a game, health or news app, a new kind of loyalty scheme or something that you always wanted to see in retail, Valora, Auto-ID Labs, Aduno and GS1 were looking forward to seeing innovations. The winner is: Team Kongi&Steeve: Va bingo is a new loyality system.

#7 Car matching app  For those who have fuel running through veins: create a mobile app that pairs Amag’s customers off with the car that matches their needs perfectly. The winner is: Amander: a car selector app.

Special offer for developers

For those who could not make it to the HackZurich: Try out the platform for free with our welcome offer. Consumption up to 100 CHF will be covered by Swisscom in the first 3 monthly bills. Go to our platform at

Win a personalized pillow

CQUPBEkUsAU9rFUWe have put aside two of our super-duper soft and cool pillows and will send them to two lucky developers:

Meet the team. Visit our team at the first European Cloud Foundry Summit in Berlin! You can find more events, which we will attend at: