Dev. Wednesday #2 with SAFe

After a great Dev.Wednesday #1 in October, it’s now already two weeks ago that our second Dev.Wednesday took place in Berne. High time for a short review about Simon Berg’s talk about his exciting topic “SAFe” at Swisscom TV.


David Luyet welcomes participating developers

Simon is working as an Agile Program Manager at the product development department of Swisscom TV. In this role he is responsible for the Organization of Planning and Collaboration. On November 4, he showed us how the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) supports working on new features with many different internal and external teams and departments. And this is how SAFe looks like in theory:


SAFe – very easy isn’t it?

By using the model consequently, Swisscom TV 1.0 was successfully replaced by TV 2.0, which sees great market performance since it has been launched in early 2014. Swisscom TV 2.0 has also won industry awards for best multiscreen TV service against global competitors.

SAFe’s central ritual is the Release Planning Meetings, where the whole development team comes together to plan for the next 3-month development cycle – just in time before actual development starts. At the end of the planning meeting, the team will have created a huge planning posters with stickies for planned work and ropes for dependencies.

3 monate vorausplanen (70 leute meeting)

70 persons, 1 room, planning for next 3 months

But even though the big room planning meeting is highly interactive, even more communication is necessary to be able to deliver great business results with the right quality.


Learnings from and for SAFe / teamwork

To prioritize work, the team assess each new business and tech feature using an easy scoring mechanism. This way, it’s easy to compare apples to pears and get to a common prioritization across teams.


If you ask yourself WTF is WSJF, here’s the solution 🙂

What’s next?!

Next Dev.Wednesday will take place on 16th of December 2015 in Berne.  You will learn more about the Swisscom Application Cloud, the current public offerings as well first sneak peeks of the things to come early in 2016. We will take a technical deep dive into the open-source standardscontainer orchestration and services Swisscom provides already today, leveraging a platform-as-a-service that enables Developers to deliver next generation continuous innovations. We will also take a short look into some Continuous Delivery & Deployment strategies, how to use a CDN as well how Cloud Foundry’s User Provided Services enable you to integrate your very own services.

This tech talk will be held by Roland Ringgenberg. Since the late 90th Roland developed Rich Internet Applications, E-Business and Web Solutions for many industries all over Europe. As an Engineer, Advocate or Product Owner he gives everything to deliver great products, while pushing the envelop as far as possible on a daily base.

If you and your developer colleagues, friends, grandmothers etc. are interested in participating, please contact me –

See you there!


“hard core” with an above-average share in people from Valais \o/