From weeks to minutes… for real!

The first European CloudFoundry Summit was a blast. Swisscom developers were part of it and share their impressions.

Didn’t get the chance to attend CF Summit Berlin 2015 and learn how to deploy apps within minutes? Swisscom developers give you a short recap.
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This week, the first European CloudFoundry summit in Europe took place in Berlin – at the heartbeat of the European startup community. Before the official start of the summit the hardcore of CloudFoundry met for an “Unconference” where small groups of 5 to 20 discussed their current topics. Swisscom participated and focused on how to run and produce CloudFoundry.

Day 1 – lightning talks about the power of CloudFoundry

The first official day of the conference started with hands-on training workshops about CloudFoundry in general, Bosh as well as micro-service architectures. Almost all 600 seats were taken and the whole day was a busy one.

  • Sam Ramji, CEO of the CloudFoundry Foundation kicked of the keynote-sessions on Monday afternoon, and directly announced the new branding and design of the Foundation. Later that evening Microsoft announced their support for running CloudFoundry on Azure. SAP unveiled their Open Stack Integration of CloudFoundry – a major step for the cooperation in the foundation and joint code development into one single core product.
  • The speakers talked about their upcoming features and commitment for the community. Our personal highlight: Cornelia Davis from Pivotal about “Operational Roles Enable DevOps”. It showed how a platform like CloudFoundry drives transformation within companies with great examples. Her slides are on Slideshare.
  • EMC also mentioned their just opened-up dojo in Massachusetts and how they run it – quite a significant step for the CF community. What’s a dojo? Read more.

Photo Nov 02, 3 40 07 PMThe lightning talks were truly enlightening, including the one from Swisscom about how chocolate consumption correlates with Nobel prize statistics and why to you use the Swisscom Application Cloud. It was followed by a great reception and lots of people at our booth to learn more and get Swiss chocolate.

Day 2: Hands on – from weeks to minutes… for real!

The 2nd day of the conference was the real stuff. The foundation listed all the new members and hit the 50-member milestone with CA, Cisco, Citi, Hitachi, RBC, and SUSE newly joining. Dense information followed: how to run CloudFoundry, how to use it as a developer and how to best implement microservice architecture. Swisscom was also presenting their way of how we operate and announced the official support of Redis on their public PaaS offering. The use cases and technical tracks convinced.


The best wrap up is a quotation from Colin Humphreys from CloudCredo: “Cloud Foundry is not exciting. What you can do with it is.” You are  so right, Colin!

CloudFoundry and Swisscom

The CloudFoundry foundation was founded last year with known industry leaders like SAP, IBM, IBM, Intel, VMware, EMC as well as Swisscom. Swisscom is a gold member of the foundation and early adopter of CloudFoundry and one of the first providers in the world launching a public Platform-as-a-Service offering based on CloudFoundry. In addition to that, Swisscom was elected to be a board member to represent all gold members in the Board of the foundation – this is an important acknowledge of the community towards the commitment of Swisscom. Swisscom is also hosting and supporting meetups for Germany, Austria and Switzerland every other month.

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