Dev.Wednesday – All about Cloud!

50 developers, one topic: Cloud. Last week’s Dev.Wednesday was all about our Cloud-Foundry-certified Swisscom Application Cloud. Roland Ringgenberg, Cloud Advocate at Swisscom, gave us a great overview about the current public offerings and some exciting sneak peeks of the virtual private environment and new features to come early in 2016.


Welcome from David Luyet (on the right) at the Creative Reframing Room, Genfergasse, Bern

Dev.Wednesday in a nutshell

So let’s review Roland’s deep dive for those who weren’t at the event last week. Swisscom loves continuous innovation. And you as a developer should be able to deliver next generation continuous innovations. The Application Cloud enables you to build, deploy and run applications in the cloud while Swisscom takes care of operating your middleware and your services. This is great because

  • you reduce time to market for your apps
  • your development team can focus on app development
  • you get high availability from a trustworthy host
  • you can easily scale the load from one to millions of users
  • and you finally reduce lock-in with Open Source and the industry standard based on CloudFoundry

For those who want to dig deeper: Marco Hochstrasser gives very useful advices in his blog series Push your first Node.js app onto the Cloud.


Roland on stage

Roland pushed an application into the Cloud. He was showing us environment variables, how to use your own domain, working with a CDN, Continuous Deployment, Blue/Green Deployment, CloudFoundry Service Connector and how CloudFoundry’s user provided services enable you to integrate your own services, monitoring, microservices and Docker.

After this hardcore tech talk, it was time to celebrate. Roland proudly announced that Swisscom’s Application Cloud is officially Cloud Foundry certified! What an honor! For those who do not know Cloud Foundry: It is now the industry standard Cloud Application Platform (PaaS) and enables continuous deployment of cloud native apps at scale. CloudFoundry runs in multiple clouds and of course, it is open source.


Companies certified by CloudFoundry – Swisscom is one of them!

What’s next?

There is even more in the quiver for the Application Cloud: new features such as ELK Logging as a Service and of course the private virtual environment for business customers. By the way, we will soon publish some big names 😉

What did the participants think about the tech talk?


Robert Kleger, Professional Solution Developer at Swisscom (on the left) and David Baumann, Designer and Developer for Web and Mobile at Up For Web (on the right) were two out of the 50 developers who joined Dev.Wednesday. For Dave the event was very exciting and informative. He liked the atmosphere and enjoyed a great networking opportunity within the developer scene. “Swisscom Application Cloud was very exciting, simple and well explained by Roland. And of course I liked the obligatory Apéro”, said Robert. Thanks to you guys and all the others who joined the event. It was a pleasure to meet you!


Apéro Time

Well, you know what’s next. After an intensive and exciting tech talk, we all needed a cold drink 🙂 It was very nice to see how people connected with each other, discussed technical details and promised to join next Dev.Wednesday on February 17th! Topic will be Big Data. Registration and more information will be published soon at and of course in our meet-up group.


Obligatory last selfie of the “hard core” 🙂