Call 4 Gadgets

During "Gadget Weeks" we will test and evaluate as many smart home gadgets as possible. Therefore, we need your help.

During the past weeks a lot of our coworkers and friends have proposed that we test different smart home gadgets. Some of them are available in stores already and others only on Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing platforms. We then came up with the idea of organizing “Gadgets Weeks”, during which we test and evaluate as many smart home gadgets as possible. The “Gadget Weeks” will take place from March 7-28th 2016. One of the main goals is to give our readers a glimpse of how the flat of the future could look like. We will not only test existing products, but also prototypes. We will share our experiences on our own dedicated blog at and on our Instagram channel at, as well as on several other official Swisscom channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

How you can bet part of it?
As a matter of fact we know that there is a large number of Start-ups and established companies out there, which are working on innovative smart home gadgets. Are you one of them and would like to provide us your product or do you know a cool gadget that we should try to receive? If so, please send an e-mail to Oliver Zähner by February 15th 2016.

What happens when “Gadget Weeks” are over?
After the “Gadget Weeks”, we can either send your gadget back to you or give them away in a sweepstake – whatever you prefer. Just let us know what works best for you.

Your benefits
Participating companies will receive detailed feedback on their gadgets and also gain remarkable attention on our blog and social media.

UnbenanntShould you have any questions or other inputs for the “Gadget Weeks”,  just leave a comment or contact Oliver Zähner. We are looking forward to receiving many really cool gadgets!