5 questions for Ioannis Kalafatis regarding the vacant Senior Software Architect position

Dear Ioannis, you recently placed an advertisement for a Senior Software Architect. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

  • Working in a team with highly trained senior developers and software architects,
  • tackling new software technology areas where Swisscom can still make substantial inroads: native cloud transformation, microservices architectures, continuous delivery toolchains and processes etc.,
  • great technical problems in the real world to sink one’s teeth in, coding included.

Why do you think would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

Swisscom has the DNA of both a traditional quality hi-tech firm, but also the fledgling chromosomes of a software-driven business. There is a transformation in progress inside the company, and we are in the first line to contribute to this transformation.

Please describe your team in five words.

Highly skilled, smart, motivated people.

Team Picture

As you can see, there’s one empty chair. That would be your spot!

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the team?

All-around current and active knowledge of cloud technologies, databases, programming languages and OSS frameworks and tools, coupled with a solid Software Engineering or Computer Science background. From a personal perspective, passion to be hands-on, get-up-and-go attitude, and positive energy.

And finally, here comes the ultimate question: What type of boss are you?

My basic drive as a manager is to try to make myself obsolete in the long run. 🙂 I try to give big problems and tasks to my team to solve/run, to nail down with them what needs to happen, and then to get out of their way. To support them in success, to help them become better and to learn from them as we go too.

Thank you Ioannis!


This vacancy is not active anymore. For more open positions, visit our Job Portal.