This was “Gadget Weeks” vol. 1!

During the past three weeks Abi, George and Oli from P365d have tested over 20 smart home gadgets. Since the last day of the “Gadget Weeks” was last Thursday, I decided to make a visit for an interview to find out which gadgets they liked the most and what they’re going to do with all the gadgets they have at home now.

You made it through “Gadget Weeks”! Congratulations 🙂 . Now we’d all like to know which gadget is your favorite one?

Abi: *silence*… To be honest, none of the tested gadgets have actually convinced me. Most of them have pretty good approaches –  but no gadget has the “wow-effect”. However, Cozifi is a quite cool gadget since the hub already gives you some rules and you don’t have to come up with them all by yourself. That could actually help “normal people” to handle a smart home hub. But for it to be fully developed it still needs some time I guess.

George: My favorite gadget is the the Samsung Gear VR – even though wearing it can make you feel really sick *laughter*. With the Samsung Gear VR I was even able to visit the Greek Library in Athens, which – although I’m from Athens – I ‘ve never had the chance to visit before.

Oli: My favorite gagdet is definitely Rocki. Rocki is an adapter that connects your old school radio with a smartphone so that you’re even able to listen to Spotify on exactly this radio. I find it particularly cool because with this gadget you can make something old smart, meaning many people can benefit from this. I also have another favorite gadget: the KADDZ. It was pretty funny to see where my sister’s cat goes mouse hunting and that one time she was stuck in the garage overnight.

Which smart home gadgets do you think are actually suitable for daily use? Which ones are you going to use?

Abi: I guess the only gadget I’d use on an almost daily basis would be the Flic button, a small Bluetooth button with countless use cases. Unfortunately Oli already decided to keep it for himself.

George: I can imagine using Rocki every day, it’s quite useful. The Samsung Gear VR has a lot of potential use cases. You can use it to train pilots or also to have a look at cities which you consider to visit in real life. But honestly, right now for me it’s more for entertainment purposes than for anything else.

Oli: Like Abi I’d also use the Flic button. Actually I’m already using it. It not only works as a light switch but also to turn on/off the music. Additionally, I’d definitely use the Pebblebee – in particular for taking selfies 🙂 .

What are you going to do with all the gadgets you have now? 

Oli: Since some of the gadgets are only prototypes and the startups don’t have several ones we have to send most of the gadgets back. Nevertheless, we are able to raffle the following gadgets in a sweepstake:

If you took part in the sweepstake and are one of the lucky winners you’ll be informed soon! 🙂

George: Some of the gadgets we could consider for future work at the WG. But for that purpose we would have to buy them. Anyway, we’ll keep you up to date. Also if the suitcase was for free I would have kept it. But unfortunately it’s pretty expensive and also its weight: It weighs more than 4 kilos.

What about another round of “Gadget Weeks”? Are you already planning something?

Abi: Why not? But next time we’re probably just going to buy selected gadgets that we’re really keen on testing. But as of right now, we don’t have any specific plans. However, we are still in contact with some startups which will have their smart home gadgets ready soon… We’ll keep you posted!

Oli, George and Abi

Thank you Oli, George and Abi!