5 questions for Benyounes Moumni regarding the vacant Big Data Software Developer position

Dear Benyounes, you recently placed an advertisement for a Big Data Software Developer. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

In order to help solving hard problems in the company we need to process several terabytes of data and provide answers in a very short time. On top of that, we have to learn and use the latest technologies, build and operate production-ready systems and deliver value as fast as possible. This is no easy task but that’s what excites us every day!

Why do you think would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

Swisscom has an enormous amount of data and we are in a unique position to unlock its potential. By helping the company becoming data-driven we have a direct impact on several of our core businesses. The team also works using agile methodologies and operates more like a startup than a traditional enterprise software team.

Please describe your team in five words (or in this case in a little more than five words ;-))

  1. Fun: We love our job and we genuinely enjoy working and hanging out together
  2. Talented: The team has many very skilled people with different backgrounds
  3. Agile: Our team has great communication skills, it’s self-organising and cross-functional
  4. Pragmatic and lean: We prefer a working solution now over an optimal solution in 6 months
  5. Ambitious: We aim for excellence, to keep learning and to always deliver value for the company
Paint Ball Teamanlass

Don’t worry – you don’t have to wear an overall in order to join our team. This was at our last paint ball event. Unfortunately, the girl power was missing this day.

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the team?

The ideal candidate would have experience with Big Data technologies (Kafka, Hadoop, Spark…) and building productive applications at scale. She or he would be versatile, love learning new things and enjoys a challenge or two ;). As mentioned before team spirit, commitment and taking ownership are important.

And finally, here comes the ultimate question: What type of boss are you?

Haha, I suppose I can’t avoid that question. To get an exact answer you would have to ask the team but I can tell you what type of boss I’m trying to be: My goal is to help shaping a mission everyone believes in and support everyone in the team to achieve their ambition. Also, I never miss an opportunity to learn from them as well.

Thank you Benyounes!