Thinkook: the kitchen aid you control by wishful thinking!

Introducing Thinkook, the smart kitchen aid that's going to free your hands!

The problem

Cooking is a messy business: ingredients, cutting boards and sauce pans everywhere. An extra degree of complexity is added if, while cooking, you wish to interact with your favorite electronic devices – whether to check out a new recipe or keep up with the latest news. Your hands are tied, so to speak, either because you are slicing and dicing vegetables or because they are dirty and sticky after marinading pieces of meat.

So what can you do about it? Just think positive! No, seriously, thinking might as well be the solution to the problem. Wondering how that is possible?

Our solution

A short while ago we presented the new possibilities opened up by recent developments in brain-computer interfaces. Specifically, we presented the Emotiv Epoc+, an EEG-based, wireless device that can basically translate signals from your brain into input for your computer. A use case we  came up with for such a device is a kitchen aid which would allow anyone to consult a recipe, without making use of their (presumably dirty or otherwise unavailable) hands. Of course, instead of a kitchen aid, you might think of browsing the internet while doing other household chores like ironing or while toiling away on an exercise bike. All these use cases are pretty neat, but if I have learned anything in the smart home business, it’s that laziness doesn’t really need any excuses.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Thinkook: the world’s first kitchen aid controlled by your thoughts! If you can’t cook well, it’s not going to help you cook better – in fact, it’s not going to help you much at all, as the EEG interface still needs leaps of advancement to make this aid anything sort of remotely practical.  But still, we find the idea pretty fun and this fun attitude we tried to maintain in the demonstration video that follows. Please enjoy with a good measure of leniency 🙂

Think positive – think Thinkook!