5 questions for Sean Boran regarding the vacant DevOps Engineer position

Dear Sean, you recently placed an advertisement for a DevOps Engineer. From your point of view, what do you consider as the most appealing and challenging aspects of this position?

A DevOps engineer needs to understand on one hand development tools/mindsets and on the other hand system administration/operations technologies and dynamics. The challenge is to enable development and operations to work together effectively using agile methods. The appeal is in learning to master many different technologies in a stimulating and dynamic environment.

Why do you think would this job be particularly interesting at Swisscom?

Swisscom has transformed itself many times since its Telecom status 20 years ago. Join Swisscom now to improve your techie skills and be part of the leading Cloud Provider in Switzerland.

Please describe your team in five words:

  • eager
  • open
  • international
  • fun
  • focussed

Team Picture

What would the ideal candidate bring to the table to complete the team?

Relevant techie expertise and a willingness to learn, share and improve.

And finally, here comes the ultimate question: What type of boss are you?

My aim is to stimulate, coordinate and have fun sprinting together. Our team encourages self-organisation with common goals, not top down orders.

Thank you Sean!

This vacancy is not active anymore. For more open positions visit our Job Portal.