Swisscom Digital Lab: Innovation and Inspiration

Located at the heart of EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, the Lab was created by Swisscom in 2016 to boost Digital Innovation and inspire people in the networked world. Strategically benefiting from its eco-system, the Lab combines the know-how of EPFL researchers and Swisscom experts. Since its launch, The Digital Lab is followed by 2 500 members on and has hosted more than 70 events. Our core topics: Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

In collaboration with Swisscom product teams, the Digital Lab also offers applied research topics to EPFL Master’s students to do their thesis in a business environment. Students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in disruptive areas. On the other side, Swisscom benefits from first-class students and a co-supervision from renowned research laboratories at EPFL.


What are our activities at the Digital Lab?

  • Research & Development: To create new products, to improve existing ones, to explore new technologies
  • Support Swisscom projects: To leverage our research at the service of internal projects
  • Inspire: To provide internal business with innovative concepts and to nourish people’s mindsets with new perspectives
  • Build a dynamic digital community: To share our research, our experiences and get feedback


Finally, we test, we experience, we learn, we share, we support digital innovation!

For more information: To stay updated on our future “Digital Talks”, please join our Meetup event group or connect to our LinkedIn group or just send us an email at