Swisscom Digital Lab at LauzHack

In November, Major League Hacking hosted the first student-organized hackathon LauzHack at EPFL. The Swisscom Digital Lab sponsored this hackathon encouraging students to develop solutions using the Application Cloud . After 24-hours of non-stop hacking, the Swisscom award went to TripHub  

Lauzhack Hackathon

Lauzhack Hackathon @ EPFL

TripHub is an app that helps friends with coordinating a train trip while maximizing time spent together. By giving a number of users, you can set a common destination with different starting points and times for each user. The program will then find the paths that optimizes the time spent together in the train, instead of travelling alone in different trains. TripHub used the data from the API SBB OpenData and deployed the app in the Application Cloud. 

TripHub landing page in the Swisscom App Cloud

TripHub landing page in the Swisscom App Cloud


TripHub’s team is composed of three first-year computer science students from the university of Geneva. After spending the night coding, the team pitched their idea and demonstrated their web application running in the App Cloud. We rewarded the fully working prototype using Swisscom technologies, but above all, the engagement and potential of the team! 

Lauzhack - Triphub team

From left to right : Vincent Tournier (TripHub), Maxime Lovino (TripHub), Thomas Ibanez (TripHub), Vlad Trifa (Swisscom)


LauzHack is the EPFL’s largest, annual, student-run hackathon with more than 200 participants coming from around the world. A hackathon is typically a 24-48 hour non stop event during which time hardware/software developers collaborate intensively on projects.  As a hacker, these events are the best way to come together with others to build products, solve challenging problems, and meet new people. When companies sponsor hackathons, they are presented with a great opportunity to meet talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds and to get real time feedbacks on their products. 

Here you can see all the projects submitted during the hackathon : 

Looking forward to Lauzhack 2017!