10 Fintech Startups Ready to Kickstart

It’s been one week since the selection bootcamp of this year’s Kickstart Accelerator took place that we, as a sponsor of the fintech vertical, were part of. Finally we’re able to present you the fintech winners and even had the opportunity to talk to some of them about their expectations from the 3 month acceleration program: 


The Zurich based RegTech startup Apiax transfers complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules which are being kept up to date and verified all the time. Apiax is an API-first company, so banks, fintechs and asset managers can integrate them easily into their processes to make sure their applications stay always compliant. “We’re very happy to be selected as one of the fintech winners, this opens up many doors” says Nicolas Blanchard, Co-founder of Apiax “we’re currently getting our product ready for the market and we participate in the program to get coaching to boost ourselves to the next stage. ”



 Coincube is a startup from New York that came up with an automated bitcoin and blockchain asset investment service. Users can connect their exchanges to the Coincube software, which will automatically manage a portfolio and allocate assets for them. “We’re interested in Switzerland because of the more friendly regulatory environment here in comparison to the one in New York.” states Robert Allen, CEO of Coincube “Also, there are a lot of bitcoin and crypto related companies that are starting to reside here for various reasons, so we want to get a sense of what Switzerland has to offer. ”



Fjuul enables insurance companies to grow their business at lower risks by providing a digital engagement platform for new service offerings, cross-selling, and preventive care. The company provides a dedicated Fjuul app that turns everyday activities into exercise – instead of just tracking movements, such as steps, Fjuul calculates the intensity of the activity too — to help it generate an overall score (called ‘Fjuul Points’), using sensors already in the phone. The Finnish startup is already quite established in the north: “We are already working with leading banks and insurers in the Nordics, now we are planning to build a business development hub for international sales. Switzerland is both very central in the ecosystem with major players in the financial industry and a good place to scale our business internationally” states Sascha Wischek, CEO and founder of Fjuul.



Neuroprofiler offers a fully compliant behavioral finance game to help financial advisors to assess the investor profile of their clients, based on academic research in Machine Learning and Behavioral Finance. Neuroprofiler is a French startup with clients in many European countries and ambitious goals: “Switzerland is our target market. We participate in the Kickstart Accelerator to get proof of concepts with Swiss banks. By the end of this year, we want to have at least three additional pocs ” states Tiphaine Saltini, CEO and Founder of Neuroprofiler.


Price Hubble

Price Hubble is enabling real estate market participants to make smarter decisions by providing real estate valuations, predictive pricing, market location ratings and powerful visualizations. The Zurich-based startup is applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to large amounts of real estate data. “We are very happy to be among the winners and are fascinated by the network that the Kickstart Accelerator has built. We hope to learn from the program as well as to contribute to its success story” states Markus Stadler, CEO of Price Hubble. Being part of this year’s Kickstart Accelerator means a lot to them: “We intend to get further access to industry experts, run and sharpen POCs with partners and selectively approach investors for our next round end of this year.”


The winners of the 4 verticals Food, Robotics&Intelligents Systems, Smart Cities and Fintech. Foto: Thomas Meier. Zürich, 11.07.17. KICKSTART ACCELEROTAR Bootcamp.


AAAccell is an innovation tank that identifies, converts and transfers cutting-edge research achievements into trusted solutions and tools for the financial services industry. The University of Zurich Spin-off has, among others, developed a portfolio optimizer which reduces drastically risks while improving returns on an institutional or private portfolio.



Blocko is a Korean company researching and developing Blockchain services to spread the technology to various industries. Their product CoinStack is a Backend-as-a-Service platform to help their customers easily adopt the new technology through API. CoinStack is a Blockchain service to give application developers who are not familiar with Blockchain the environment, development tools and building kits.



CityFalcon is a personalized Financial Newsfeed from Twitter and more than 100 financial publications. The UK based startup allows users to access relevant financial news and tweets for their watchlist, and follow influencers who impact asset prices. City Falcon Score rates financial content based on an algorithm that considers factors like the content, rating of the author and performance on social media.



Libryo is a Software as a Service platform built to overcome regulatory complexity. Libryo provides a dashboard which lists all legal obligations per the needs of its customers, enabling any person, working in any organization to understand the legal obligations in any situation. The founding team of Libryo is South African, however their headquarter is based in London.



Adjoint is building a platform for composable smart contract templates, allowing enterprises to quickly deploy, maintain, and analyze a global network of smart contracts on top of a mathematically verified, cryptoledger fabric. Using their own domain specific language, the Boston-based startup ensures these contracts are correct by construction.


Find a short description of all the winners of the four verticals here. The Kickstart Accelerator program officially starts in the beginning of September. Stay tuned!