Swisscom at the VMworld Barcelona 2017

With over 11'000 visitors, the VMworld in Barcelona can be considered one of the major European Cloud Events in 2017. Our team took the chance to be on site to push our Swisscom Cloud journey. We were part of the VMworld as a visitor, sponsor as well as contributor to the event by giving various talks and holding panel discussions.

The timing of our launch last week (press release) couldn’t have been better to give insights into our newest Cloud products and share our lessons learned with the Community.

There were a lot of technical previews and insights presented by VMware and their partners (see Daniele’s Blog talking about the Tech insights). Our team was talking in a total of 6 presentations/spotlights or panel discussions during the 4-day conference. But obviously one of the biggest highlights was our CTO & CIO Heinz Herren on stage during the keynote to underline our Cloud statement and the partnership with VMware.

Heinz Herren, CTO & CIO Swisscom & Sanjay Poonen , COO VMWare on stage at the VMworld Keynote 2017 in Barcelona

(see Recorded General Session)

Additionally, we had a booth where our experts answered questions from various customers,  interested members of the community as well as the press. In addition to some very interesting new leads, we could also get in contact with other Cloud Providers with similar technology stacks and challenges we faced during our Cloud implementation.

Swisscom Booth at VMworld 2017, 11-14th September in Barcelona


To summarize, it was great to have this event so close to our Swisscom Cloud launch and that we could show our newest Cloud baby to so many interested people. Thanks to the team for being part of this and cu next year!