The power of buildpacks

Let others patch CVE's for you!

It’s a sunny Saturday morning as the Application Cloud DevOps team gets aware of a high severity PHP CVE. Just months ago, all application owners would have needed to consult their operations team to install latest patch versions, which resulted usually in several days of work with complicated hotfix processes. Already a step easier is the usage of a docker image – with that you have to adjust your dependencies, rebuild it and ship it again after certain testing. The effort here obviously depends on the complexity and number of your apps.

On our Application Cloud Platform based on Cloud Foundry, we immediately updated all our environments and its system buildpacks with the latest upstream version and from that very moment on users can just initiate a restage of their app to get the latest version.

Why Buildpacks?

There are multiple ways to ship an application to production. Most often folks install application binaries with certain configurations within their owned VM. Another way is to build a docker image with your app and ship it that way. With buildpacks you just push your source code along with its needed configuration and the buildpack together with the platform takes care of the packaging (figure 1 highlights that process accordingly). With that you can really just focus on your application and you do not have to care about any system or OS related stuff.


If you want to learn more details about how exactly the buildpack process works within Cloud Foundry and what the exact differences are to a Docker image based process you can find a great video here.

Our mission is to take as much work and hassle away from our developers to let them really focus on the most important part – coding. With that all our users could initiate a restage of their PHP apps from their mobile phones and enjoy the sunny Saturday.


Join us now on – Happy pushing!

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