Public Clouds: Inspiring results from survey at AWS Summit Satellite Zürich

Having over 300 participants in Zürich, the event was a success for AWS and Swisscom as gold partner. The Swisscom AWS Tiger Team was onsite with a booth and presenting itself at the keynote and a breakout session.

In a survey, over 50 voters participated and showed us where the AWS community in Switzerland stands at the moment. The results of the cloud adoption level show the increasing demand for the public clouds. The high interest in big data, security as well as cost optimization is also noticeable. These insights can be used to realize further use cases to attract customers and find out where they set their focus on the public clouds.

AI Teams journey to AWS

In this very interesting breakout session our experts Wuming Zhang, Ivan Hristov, Alberto Tonon and Philipp Kislig showed the audience how they helped the Swisscom AI Team on the journey to AWS.

After a short introduction on Artificial Intelligence the focus of the presentation was set to topics like

  • how to handle cost control
  • realize security topics
  • while keeping up innovation

With a number of interested customers we were able to deep dive on their questions afterwards and showed a demo of handwriting recognition using Amazon Sagemaker at the booth.

“By combining Swisscom’s AI and AWS knowledge we can for sure deliver added value for our customers.”

Do you want to learn more about it? Get the full handout or contact us for a demo.

Take the journey to the cloud with our Starter Kit

At the AWS Summit we also launched a campaign for the AWS Starter Kit. It targets customers who are new to public cloud and want to get a quick overview of the AWS platform and how Swisscom can help to exploit the full power and potential of it. It contains of an introduction workshop and a hands-on part where customers build up their first environment in AWS.

Further information can be found here:



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The Swisscom tiger team  enjoyed all the talks and knowledge exchange with the participants.

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