AWS Re:invent – Five days, five learnings

AWS' last Re:invent has set new standards and it indicated the direction that AWS plans to move forward with the cloud offering.

AWS’ last Re:invent conference in Las Vegas was their greatest “AWS community” event ever with more than 55’000 participants, more than 2’200 workshops, demo sessions, hands-on-labs and bootcamp events. Developers and decisions makers, startups and global corporates met during five intense days and in an unprecedented inspiring atmosphere.

Learning 1: Cloud becomes businesses’ foundation on a global scale

The keynotes made a point in demonstrating that cloud pioneers have profited greatly from their courageous early-mover approach: Today they have greater market agility and internal processes that match digital business needs. The number of companies that are building their business on “cloud” as foundation is growing at increasing speed worldwide (with Switzerland currently starting to catch up).

Learning 2: AWS is focusing on customer needs

AWS demonstrated that customer needs are the core drivers behind their ongoing high-speed product and service developments. For 2019 the focus is on machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, AWS presented a wealth of new tools and optimizations that offer customers more features, simplified usage and greater business value.

Learning 3: Tomorrow’s topics

Cloud moves towards edge: With the announcement of AWS Outpost, Machine Learning Inference or VMware Cloud on AWS Cloud, AWS moves the cloud closer to the customer.

The industry uses the cloud: With IoT SiteWise, IoT Things Graph, IoT Events and Greengrass Machine Learning Inference, AWS has significantly expanded its IoT tool portfolio. With Robomaker, AWS provides a tool that combines industrial automation with cloud-based image processing, speech recognition, data analytics as well as reinforcement learning.

The future is ‘serverless’: AWS presented many improvements that extend and simplify the deployability of AWS Lambda. Contrary to the general belief that ‘serverless’ is merely a topic at start-ups, Amazon CTO Werner Vogel perceived the topic to be driven by large companies.

Learning 4: Next Generation Managed Services

The development of “Next Generation Managed Services” responds to customers’ demands for reliable, security, performance and cost-optimized cloud operation that also enables agility. A high degree of operations automation is key to success.

Learning 5: The technology ecosystem is gaining momentum

It’s worth taking advantage of the power of technology ecosystems and partnerships already at an early stage. VMware has established a strong strategic partnership with AWS, but also other technology providers such as Cisco and Citrix (all three are well-established Swisscom technology partners) offer end-to-end solutions to make it easier for companies to move to the AWS cloud.

The benefit of having a local partner

Re:invent has set new technological standards. Both high dynamics in development cycles and the growing number of services hold both opportunities and risks, such as the increasing complexity that requires mastering. Many service announcements provide the “technology framing” that requires modification and adaption for their implementation. Experienced local partners such as Swisscom can support companies in implementing industry-specific requirements and individual needs, in optimizing costs and in simplifying cloud adoption from an organizational perspective.

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For the interested audience: The AWS Summit Berlin (26-27.2.2019) and the AWS Summit Zurich in October 2019 offer deeper insights into AWS technologies and AWS business cases.

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