Enterprise IoT from a holistic Perspective – one Partner, one integrated Solution, one holistic View

The Internet of Things (IoT) has caught fire in the mind of management. Companies see IoT as a key enabler and as a provider of significant value to both customer and vendor. Offering an overall end-to-end strategy, Swisscom promises an easier and holistic approach to IoT by connecting what has been separated so far. An approach that helps to simplify our customers’ business framework inspite of increasing numbers of connected devices and data. IoT from a holistic perspective leads to optimization and efficiency, provides customers with new engagement tools and supports disruptive business models.

What do you look for as a customer? We believe it to be a one-source, single-company solution where everything is linked, from the connectivity of the devices to the analytics out of the cloud. A single contact who has the holistic picture of your entire organization in mind and the best experts in the background; building the right solution for you, running it, and analyzing the data that was transferred via the network into the cloud. With one scope in mind, improving your business processes, and therefore improving business as a whole.

The age before holistic IoT

Let’s have a brief look at the development of our offerings. First there were the devices. All that companies asked for was connectivity to make them work. 2G, 3G evolved into LoRaWan, LTE-M, LTE and is moving on to 5G. IoT began to progress. Connectivity became the basis for the management of data and self-managed solutions. Data bank systems, Device-, Data- and Event-Management were added. IoT-Cloud services were introduced with enterprise system integration, data analytics and machine learning. Bit by bit, our customer had to deal with more and more platforms. Swisscom has proven to be able to deliver each of these technology modules on a high-performance level. At this point we will move another step-up by introducing “Holistic IoT”.

Holistic IoT – Connecting what is to be connected

Let’s assume our client has data from multiple global locations. The data generated by the devices, is led across the network into the cloud to be handled and analyzed. This will be used to provide needs-based information, which can be directly applied according to the many business requirements and processes required by the customer.

Holistic IoT links connectivity and device integration, managed solutions, cloud operations and analytics on a global level. Services and business processes are brought together. Questions circling around networks and their standards, security, decoding, storage, multiple users, hardware, service agreements, data analysis and many more, are resolved in a holistic and comprehensive way. The management of a holistic integrated enterprise IoT-solution is easier and more efficient. It simplifies the customer’s world, by having only one contact with a single system-platform and a single source of responsibility. It helps with automatization and supports self-managed services. The result: better data as well as optimized connectivity and communication, and faster go to market.

Cloud Business Solution: build, run, analyze

Cloud services like all other services become holistic as well. While so far, the customer had to deal with many elements, that weren’t linked to each other, the holistic approach offers a single cloud storing all data. Swisscom helps to build the cloud solution and takes control of it. We run, operate and optimize it, reducing total cost of ownership. Analyzing the data will lead to added benefits and help monetize them.

Close cooperation with numerous experts

To work on a large project with a holistic IoT-approach many internal teams are involved: a core team can include specialists from connectivity management, cloud professional service, cloud managed service, analytics consulting as well as direct Microsoft experts.

More to holistic IoT

In addition to the connectivity and cloud benefits, holistic IoT offers:

  • Security: user data will be evaluated from an end to end perspective. Data compliance, communications infrastructure and data streams can be looked at from a single point of view;
  • Scalability: as the company is growing, with holistic IoT, connectivity and cloud services grow along, since everything is linked to each other. There is no need to deal with various parties: system integrator, service manufacturers, consultants, resellers, they all work hand in hand;
  • Automatization: holistic IoT allows a direct mapping of existing business processes on the the IoT Use cases;
  • Flexibility: technology-agnostic integration into the customer’s system.


IoT is about customer experience and the ability to use technology to monitor, analyze, and automate. This will provide new and better services for the customers. While many solutions are designed to solve only one piece of the problem, the holistic IoT-approach takes into account all the necessary components in an end-to-end perspective to create added value for our customers.

“Holistic IoT is a full service offering to our customers.”