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We love ICT – Information. Communication. Technology. Jobs.

We live and breathe ICT, day and night. With exciting projects, varied topics, fascinating ideas and passionate employees. And we offer ICT Jobs for people who want to achieve something with us, who want to get involved and to get on in life. Take a look behind the scenes, get to know and love the world of ICT and let us get to know you at the same time. Who knows – you might just find the next big challenge in your career, as well as exciting ideas, current trends and new colleagues at the cutting edge of the IT sector. We look forward to sharing exciting ideas with you.

We are good at spotting new ICT Trends and driving them in our innovative projects. So there’s nothing mundane about our day-to-day work in ICT Daily, far from it: it’s all about people who are committed heart and soul to the task at hand. The Swisscom spirit means aiming for the very best in ICT whilst perhaps seizing new opportunities that come with our current job openings. Drop by and introduce yourself: our Meet & Greet section gives you all the information you need about our events, or you can get a sense of the great variety in our working day under Impressions. And if this makes you want to find out more about Swisscom and ICT, then the Join us section will show you how you can play a part in realising our mission. Because we love ICT and simply couldn’t live without it! What about you?